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As intended, the player is supposed to switch between Spongebob and Sandy while navigating between the Dutchman's and Robot's Ships in order to activate all the cannons. This can be avoided with the assistance of the Cruise Boost. Starting by pressing the button for the cannon on the ground, the player is able to bash up to the floating platforms, scaling them to the upper cannon. A large portion of these floating platforms can be skipped by bashing up to the Mast cannon, then bashing from the Mast cannon onto the sail. From here, the player can jump from the sail to one of the last floating platforms. Following the upper cannon, the player can jump down to the Mast cannon before slamming the final cannon. From here, the player can either grab the spatula which spawns, activate the chest cutscene and then grab the Mast spat, or incorporate the Cannon Cutscene Overlap strat.