CB Lasers

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With the use of Cruise Boosting, it is possible to hit all 3 Lasers as Spongebob to complete the challenge. The ideal order (if travelling to all 3 Lasers) is to hit the one by the artwork, then the one with the Duplicatotron in front of the button, then finally the one with the Chuck in front of it. If Hans is Disabled, it is desirable to angle Spongebob such that he does not fall into the void after hitting the 3rd Laser button. If Hans is Enabled, the opposite is desirable because falling into the void will cut off the final cutscene and make Spongebob respawn next to Plankton so he does not have to travel back. Doing the Cutscene Skip saves around 20-25 seconds or so over not skipping the cutscene.

There is an alternate route for 100% because of the need to get the Bungee Sock as well as complete the Lasers challenge. It is optimal to pay the clam, shoot the closest Laser with a Cruise Bubble, then collect the sock and hit the other 2 Lasers with Cruise Boosting. There is a route that travels to the other 2 Lasers, and then there is a route that saves around 3 seconds that travels to the Laser next to the artwork, hits the last Laser with a Cruise Bubble, then hits the Laser near the artwork with a Bubble Bowl and falls off the ledge to perform the Cutscene Skip.