CB Kelp Woods

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Throughout Kelp Woods is a plethora of lost campers and socks. The collect of these can be greatly aided with the assistance of a Cruise Boost. Starting by going near the Kelp Vine gate so as to cause a trampoline to spawn, the player can either perform Camper Button Skip or jump over to the platform below the camper and pressing the button. After rescuing the camper, the player should proceed to jump towards the trampolines on the other side of the Thunder tikis. From these trampolines, the player is able to go to left and collect a sock before proceeding to the camper directly in front. After this, the player should navigate towards puff so as to unlock the warp before proceeding to jump off of a stack of stone and thunder tikis. From here, the player should navigate higher and being checkpointed before going to the left and rescuing the 3rd camper. At this point, the player should jump into the goo to collect the sock before respawning can jumping down to collect the spat. After all this, the player can reload the level and take the trampoline to enter Kelp Vines.