Box Bash

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Scattered throughout most sublevels are teleportation boxes which serve as a quick means to move the player generally from the beginning of the level to its end. When the player enters into the box, their movement is locked for a set amount of time which corresponds with the end of animation showing the player landing following a parabolic exit from the box.

When the player has a Cruise Boost active and enters a box, they go through this same animation, though landing further away from the box due to the cruise boost momentum. If Spongebob bashes when entering the box with a cruise boost, he no longer leaves the box in correspondence with the parabolic animation, but rather takes a more linear path. This causes him to move further away from the box while the player is locked out from moving. This saves a small amount of time in certain instances, but is generally not prevalent due to the limited use of boxes throughout the run, and quirky features--such as being teleported to an NPC--of many of the boxes which are used.