Bouncing Ball Skip (One Frame)

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One frame methods of performing Bouncing Ball Skip.


First Cycle

Immediately after entering Dream, Spongebob is faced with a series of floating blocks which are on a cycle. The block closest to Spongebob moves both near and far as well as rotates. When the spikes on this block are facing towards the spatula, the player is able to bowl onto them, causing Spongebob to boost into the air. From here, if the player performs a one frame jump, they are able to reach the end of the Bouncing Ball path and collect the spatula.

First Cycle (No Bowl)

On the same block cycle as the bowl one frame, the player can spin over the edge of the block onto the spikes. Done at a precise point on the spikes, the player will receive an extra high damage boost. From here, they are able to perform a one frame jump and reach the platform.

Second Cycle

By waiting a cycle for the first block to return, the spikes are on top of the block. This allows the player to jump on top of them and bounce into the air. From here, the player can perform a one frame jump and reach the path.