Bouncing Ball Skip (Non One Frame)

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Non one frame methods of performing Bouncing Ball Skip.


Block Momentum Jump

Immediately after entering dream, Spongebob is faced with a series of floating blocks which are on a cycle. The block closest to Spongebob moves both near and far as well as rotates. When the block is close to the spawn island, it is possible to jump onto it mid rotation. By doing, Spongebob gains some of its momentum. This allows the player to reach the end of the Bouncing Ball path and collect the spatula.

Jellyfish Sliding Bash

Located on the spawn island, there is a jellyfish. Near this jellyfish, there is a teleportation box. By manipulating the jellyfish to attack Spongebob and jumping immediately before, it is possible to take damage, land on the teleportation box, and slide off as the damage animation ends. This give Spongebob grounded frames, in which he can bash while still retaining momentum from taking damage. From here, the player lands at the end of the Bouncing Ball path and can collect the spatula.

Forbidden Skip

Its name derived from a time when the trick was not understood, the player can use the spikes on one of the crates to reach the end of the path. By bowling onto the spikes at a certain point, the player is sent to the Bouncing Ball path and can collect the spatula.

Sliding Bash

If the player does not have the bowling ability, it is still possible to use the spike blocks. By standing on the block after the raising block, a third spike block moves towards Spongebob. By jumping into the spikes at a certain point, the player will be knocked back onto the previous block and slide off the edge. From here, the player has regained the ability to bash, allow them to reach the spatula.


Additionally, the player can walk down the path as if they are following the ball. From here, they are able to just jump to the spatula without the assistance of the ball.