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Bikini Bottom is the main hub of BfBB. It is separated into three main areas, divided by invisible walls. This is also the largest level in the game in terms of number of sublevels, containing 10 in total.

Bikini Bottom
Bikini Bottom.png
Spatula Requirement None
Socks 8
Secondary Character None

Bikini Bottom (HB01)

Spatulas: 3 / Socks: 3

Being the main hub of the game, Bikini Bottom is a gateway to every other level in the game. Spatula trades are also performed here with Patrick and Mr. Krabs.

Notable Bikini Bottom Strats

Area 1 Skip

Main Article: Area 1 Skip
Bypasses the 1st invisible wall, allowing access to area 2 prematurely

Area 2 Skip

Main Article: Area 2 Skip
Bypasses the 2nd invisible wall, allowing access to area 3 prematurely

Hans Disable

Main Article: Hans Disable
Prevents Hans from detecting the player entering OOB auras

Shady Glide

Main Article: Shady Glide
With the assistance of Cruise Boosting and Sponge Gliding, the player is able to reach the top of Shady Shoals without using the floating blocks

SpongeBob's Pineapple (HB02)

Spatulas: 1 / Socks: 1

The first area SpongeBob is introduced to in BfBB. The player is taught the game's basic mechanics and controls.

Notable SpongeBob's Pineapple Strats

Bowl Boost

Main Article: Bowl Boost
By pressing the enter and bowl button on the same frame when next to a door, Spongebob is able to perform a bowl boost.

Squidward's Tiki (HB03)

Spatulas: 1 / Socks: 1

Located beside SpongeBob's Pineapple, the player can visit and annoy Squidward for a spatula.

Notable Squidward's Tiki Strats

Spatula Animation Overlap

After completing 10 jumps to annoy Squidward, the player can collect the spatula and initiate the sock spawning cutscene simultaneously

Spatula Animation Skip

With the assistance of Cruise Boosting, the player is able to exit Squidward's Tiki during the spatula animation

Patrick's Rock (HB04)

Spatulas: 0 / Socks: 1

SpongeBob can enter Patrick's rock. Inside is a couch made of sand, and a record player.

Sandy's Treedome (HB05)

Spatulas: 1 / Socks: 0

Notable Sandy's Treedome Strats

Spatula Animation Skip

It is possible to exit the Treedome and initiate the Spatula Animation before the loading screen begins

Shady Shoals (HB06)

Spatulas: 0 / Socks: 1

Home to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, Shady Shoals is the entrance to the Mermalair level.

Notable Shady Shoals Strats

TV Sock Cutscene Skip

Main Article: TV Sock Cutscene Skip
By leaving the sublevel when the cutscene starts, it is possible to skip having to watch it

Krusty Krab (HB07)

Spatulas: 1 / Socks: 1
Main Article: Krusty Krab

Infested by robots, Spongebob is tasked to destroy all the robots in the Krusty Krab.

Chum Bucket (HB08)

Spatulas: 1 / Socks: 0

On the precipitous of the final boss, the Chum Bucket guards the final boss behind a 75-spatula door.

Notable Chum Bucket Strats

Chum Bucket Wall Jump Skip

By standing on the curving edge of the Air Duct, it is possible to bash to the spatula, skipping the wall jumps

Police Station (HB09)

The Police station serves to characterize all of the Robots Spongebob has met on his Journey. There are no notable strats in this sublevel.

Movie Theater (HB10)

Costing 40000 Shiny objects, the unlocking the Movie Theater is the most expensive action in the game. There are no notable strats in this sublevel.