Barrel Skip

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Early in the game, Jellyfish Rock serves largely as an introductory sublevel, with most objectives being made purposely obvious to the player. One of these objectives includes the collection of a sock which is located on an island in the middle of the Lake.

With the use of a Cruise Boost, it is possible for the player to jump across to this island. From the raised platform near the island, bubble wand on the ground to cancel any stored down momentum. As a result, once SpongeBob walks off the edge, he doesn't begin falling immediately. After this, walk off the edge towards the island and Bash; the player has 15 frames (.25 seconds) to perform a grounded input after walking off a ledge. After Bashing, continue to hold forward towards the island, before jumping, bubble wanding, and finally slamming. Doing this allows the player to skip pressing a button which would play a cutscene that shows Barrels rising from the goo. During this cutscene, the player loses the ability to control SpongeBob.