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Surrounding Bikini Bottom, there is a red dotted line indicating the level's boundaries. Passing the red line for too long will cause Hans to place the player back in-bounds.

Beyond the Jellyfish Fields taxi, there is an out-of-bounds aura that instantly causes Hans to place you in-bounds. Hans can be disabled, allowing further access to the area beyond the aura. There is one last barrier though. An invisible wall exists, blocking the player from reaching Area 2 easily. Thankfully, there is a section of the road that is intangible, allowing SpongeBob to fall through.

In addition, a fence blocks SpongeBob from advancing to area 2 before defeating Robot Sandy. To prevent the player from jumping the fence, an invisible wall stretches far up into the sky.

There are several methods of bypassing both invisible walls, with and without cruise boosting.


With Cruise Boost


With an active Cruise Boost, you can slam into a specific corner to activate an ascending Sponge-Glide. Then, you can bounce off the top of the fence's invisible wall, cancelling the glide and entering the next section of the hub without defeating Robot Sandy.

Shady Glide

Main Article: Shady Glide
Ascending Spongeglide to collect the Top of Shady Shoals Spatula.


Beyond the Jellyfish Fields taxi, there is an invisible wall. SpongeBob can fall though the ground and bash up to the other side, bypassing the wall from below.

Without Cruise Boost


With a precise jump-spin-jump, the player can fall though the intangible road and ledge-grab the other side, bypassing the outer invisible wall from below.

Bring It Around Town

By using save-game-glitch, the player can walk around the outer invisible wall.

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